Q.  How do I reserve a crib or equipment?
 Use our easy reservation form.  It will allow you to select the equipment you want
and gets it reserved without needing a credit card.  We will send you a reservation via
email within 24 hrs listing the equipment you requested and the total price.   

Q.  Do I need a deposit for the reservation?
 No.  We believe in common courtesy and all we ask is that you let us know as soon
as you are certain you are or are not coming so we can either hold the equipment you
desire or we can release it to the next customer on the waiting list  

Q.  How do I pay for the rental?
 Payment is due when we make the delivery and we only accept checks.  We feel we
are able to keep our prices lower without the expense of all the misc credit card fees.   

Q.  Do you set up the equipment?
 We do.  When we arrive we ask where you would like everything, we set it up, and
even make the crib with our fresh linen.  

Q.  Is there a delivery/setup charge?
We do charge a nominal fee for deliveries to offset the cost of gas.  But... the
delivery fee is reduced or even waived based on the amount of equipment reserved and
the duration.  The more you order the less the fee.
 Click here to see the current rates
by zip code.

Q.  Can we pickup the crib and setup ourselves?
Unfortunately no.  Because the cribs actually need to be assembled there is too
much risk of injury associated with a crib being setup improperly.  We have tried to keep
our delivery fees as low as possible and feel that the comfort in knowing your child will
have a safe nights sleep out weighs the nominal delivery fee.

Q.  How do we arrange delivery and pickup?
 A few days prior to your arrival or departure we will contact you to see what your
estimated arrival/departure time is.  With that we arrange the schedule to meet you as
close to your requested time as possible and will provide a 1/2 hour window for delivery.  
We are very flexible and want you to enjoy your vacation, not wait for deliveries.  

Q.  How do I know the equipment is safe?
All of our equipment meets Federal and ASTM Standards and we only buy from
JPMA certified manufacturers.

Q.  Do you use drop-side cribs?
No.  Drop side cribs are a thing of the past.  The CPSC has banned the sale and use
of drop side cribs and they are no longer available for rental.

Q.  Can you deliver Car Seats to the airport, we are renting a car?
 Unfortunately, no. Logistically it is too difficult for everyone as the car rental
companies do not allow deliveries in their lots.